Monday, April 30, 2007

Review of Pyranha Ammo

The new Pyranha Ammo: loaded up but for what? Check out two NOC Instructor's review of this new boat.

Pyranha AMMO rated with respect to the following criteria.
(Rating are from 1-5 with 1 being the worst possible score and 5 the best.)

Stability: 4
Initial: 4
Comments: It’s stable like a creek boat, especially the lower you are on the weight range scale

Speed: 3
Comments: Definitely faster than the river-runner/play boats in it’s length category, but not as fast as a true creeker/river runner

Rolling: 4
Comments: Hard chines under the seat give way to a more rounded chine at the stern. In general, it’s an easy boat to roll. Maybe a little more difficult to roll for those paddlers who sweep roll while laying back, due to the volume distribution in the stern

Turn/Carve: 5
Comments: Very maneuverable, and holds its edge nicely while carving. Nice and stable for those eddy turns

Comfort: 3
Comments: The seat is comfortable depending on who you ask, and the ratchet backband is nice and big. The thighhooks may not be the most comfortable to those paddlers with skinny legs

Outfitting Reliability: ?
Comments: Seems like a good system – we’ll put it through the rigors of a season of instruction and get back to you. Little concerned with the pressure on the backband system holding up.

Weight: 4
Comments: It’s not light like a playboat but it’s definitely no heavier than your typical river runner, and lighter than the typical 8 foot creeker

User Friendliness: 5
Comments: This boat offers stability, maneuverability, and playfulness for the beginner, but is also well suited for the advanced paddler

Vertical Moves: N/A
Bow Initiation:
Stern Initiation:
Comments: Not designed to do these maneuvers

Flat Spin: 3 (Looseness)
Comments: It’s not going to spin like a playboat, but it’s certainly looser than something like a Dagger Mamba. I found it gets around 270 degrees pretty well, and then is a little sluggish releasing the last chine. In general, this is more of a side surf or front surf boat.

General impressions and other comments about this boat.

Jeremy: This is one of those boats that I think everybody can enjoy, from beginners to advanced creekers. It’s a nice boat for those that want to paddle something stable down their local river without worrying about catching an edge, but still want to surf a little. I paddled it on the Cheoah where I’m often torn between paddling a creek boat or a playboat. The Ammo gave me a nice “in-between” and I thought it handled itself nicely in the pushy water. I think this will be a fun little creeker too for the technical low-flow type creeks we find in the southeast. It’s the perfect boat for the Tellico, Nantahala Cascades, North Fork FB, etc. It’s a fun boat to boof as well. Note: I feel like the difference between the smaller Ammo and the larger Ammo is quite different. The smaller Ammo looks more like a playboat, while the larger Ammo felt more like a creeker/river-runner.

Jason: The Ammo was my main boat in Ecuador last winter and impressed me with how well it paddled loaded with gear on many types of water – everything from tight and technical creeks to big water. I loved it’s stability and maneuverability. Comfortable, predictable, easy to roll.

Mary: This is a great boat for little old ladies like me. It surfs like a dream, carves into eddies beautifully, and is relatively fast for its size. I used the smallest one and it's easy for me to carry - it weighs less than my EZ. I especially love its stability; I think you'd have to work at it to catch an edge, and the volume in the stern would help those beginners who tend to lean back when running rapids. Anybody want to buy an old EZ?
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